Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine.

Hetalia: Cold War (ヘタリア:冷戦, Hetaria: Reisen) is a Japanese comic, later adapted as a manga and an anime series, by Hidekazu Himaruya (日丸屋秀和, Himaruya Hidekazu). The series presents an allegorical interpretation of political and historic events, particularly relating to the Pacific War, mid-20th century and the early Cold War, in which the various countries are represented by anthropomorphic characters. Hetalia (ヘタリア) is a portmanteau combining hetare (ヘタレ, Japanese for "incompetent") and Italia (イタリア).


Warsaw Pact

  • Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria (ブルガリア, Burugaria) — A Balkan nation that carries a stick and was Russia's yes-man during the Cold War.
  • Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia (チェコスロバキア, Chekosurobakia) — A female nation that had short bobbed hair. She seem to annoy Poland a lot. When she tried to defect along with Slovakia, she was chased on one episode by the other Warsaw Pact nations.
  • Flag of East Germany East Germany (東ドイツ, Higashi Doitsu) — Formerly known as Prussia, he was given the task of watching his brother. He drives the infamous Trabant which was said powered by his "fluids." He considers himself awesome and as powerful as Russia and America are.
  • Flag of Hungary Hungary (ハンガリー, Hangarī) — A female nation that usually wield a frying pan, often hitting East Germany, Romania, and Slovakia due to her poor relations with them.
  • Flag of Poland Poland (ポーランド, Pōrando) — A male nation that usually cross-dresses, much to the other nations' chagrin. He is also the most unreliable Warsaw Pact nation despite the alliance is named for "his vital regions."
  • Flag of Romania Romania (ルーマニア, Rūmania) — A male nation that sometimes accused by Hungary as a vampire, which he was not.
  • Flag of the Russian Federation (1997 proporsal) Russia (ロシア, Roshia) — The leader of the Warsaw Pact and often his smile is quite deceiving and it's only a matter of speculation whether he is sane or otherwise.


  • US flag with 52 stars by Hellerick America (アメリカ, Amerika) — The leader of the Allies and Russia's rival, and claiming he is the hero of everything.
  • Flag of Canada Canada (カナダ, Kanada) — Often confused for America and often forgotten.
  • Flag of the United Kingdom England (イギリス, Igirisu) — The second-in-command in NATO. He often keeps the other allies in line, but his behavior and his poor cooking skills do not impress everyone.
  • Flag of France France (フランス, Furansu) — Although still a NATO member, he was disgusted by England and America's behavior, and took a leave from the organization. He is a bit romantic and perverted.
  • Flag of Germany West Germany (西ドイツ, Nishi Doitsu) — The former leader of the Axis nations, now a member of NATO.
  • Flag of Greece Greece (ギリシャ, Girisha) — A Mediterranean nation that was the rival of Turkey. He feared communist aggression, and Bulgaria and Yugoslavia, and that is according to him why he joined NATO.
  • Flag of Italy Italy (イタリア, Itaria) — The titular protagonist. He was invited to join the NATO gang even though he is incompetent in fighting. Was formerly the Italian Social Republic in World War II.
  • Flag of Portugal Portugal (ポルトガル, Porutogaru) — A male nation that does not wanted to be compared to Spain. His credentials were questioned by other NATO members due to being allegedly pro-Axis in World War II, a charge he denies.
  • Flag of Spain Spain (スペイン, Supein) — A nation that was recently brought to NATO in the 80s. He was suspected like Portugal of being pro-Axis but was later accepted.
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey (トルコ, Toruko) — A nation brought to NATO only because he feared Russia. However, he was dismayed when Greece also joined NATO.

Former Soviet Republics

  • Flag of Armenia Armenia (アルメニア, Arumenia) — A female nation who continues to be close friends with Russia.
  • Flag of Georgia (1990-2004) Georgia (グルジア, Gurujia) — A female nation who while friendly feels crowded by Armenia and Russia.
  • Flag of Estonia Estonia (エストニア, Esutonia) — The leader of the Baltic trio along with Latvia and Lithuania. A tech savvy. He is actually Finland's younger brother.
  • Flag of Latvia Latvia (ラトビア, Ratobia) — The youngest of the trio. He seems to mope over a corner.
  • Flag of Lithuania Lithuania (リトアニア, Ritoania) — A nation that has a secret crush on Belorussia but is afraid to speak it out.
  • Flag of Moldova Moldova (モルドヴァ, Morudova) — Romania's younger brother and is accompanying him always.

Contemporary Soviet Republics

  • Flag of Belarus (1918, 1991-1995) Belarus (ベラルーシ, Berarūshi) — One of Russia's siblings, and often is more darker and quieter than Russia.
  • Flag of Cossackia (New Union) Cossackia (コサッきア, Kosakkia) — The youngest of Russia's siblings and is a very aggressive young man that even Belarus is scared of him. Wears a blue Cossack uniform and has short blond hair and a long lock of hair standing out of his right side of the head.
  • Flag of Karelia (New Union) Karelia (カレリア, Kareria) &mash; While remaining close friends with Russia, as of lately she has begun to emulate Finland to the point of styling her hair to look like his and acting like him. She wears a traditional Karelian dress.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine (ウクライナ, Ukuraina) — The eldest of Russia's siblings and is often regarded as very caring (if not emotional).

Middle East

  • Flag of Egypt Egypt (エジプト, Ejiputo) — He is the leader of the Arab world. He is usually quiet and rarely speaks a word.
  • Flag of Israel Israel (イスラエル, Isuraeru) — The sole Jewish nation, she had to fight the other Arab nations, and America and the other English-speaking nations seem to be her only friends, or more precisely her boyfriends. She wears a skimpy olive military uniform, with midriff, and had black hair cut short and in a punk-esque style and with an eyepatch, signifying her sufferings from the Axis and Arab nations.
  • Flag of Libya (1977-2011) Libya (リビア, Ribia) — A male nation with questioned sanity. He and Russia get along greatly.
  • Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia (サウジアラビア, Sauji-Arabia) — An oil-rich country, he uses his wealth to woo in other nations. Wears a traditional Arab headdress like Egypt, but wears a robe. He is afraid of Israel.
  • Flag of Syria Syria (シリア, Shiria) — A male nation who remains very close to Russia and despises Turkey.

Other Characters

  • Flag of Albania Albania (アルバニア, Arubania) — A female nation that had allegedly bisexual tendencies. She often enter the houses of Greece and Italy without permission.
  • Flag of Austria Austria (オーストリア, Ōsutoria) — A neutral nation that was nonetheless sympathetic with NATO. He is fond of music, however, he was accused of being a closet Nazi by West Germany of all people.
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China (中国, Chūgoku) — The oldest nation known in existence. He resents Russia's growing military power and had a 20 million man army.
  • Flag of Cuba Cuba (キューバ, Kyūba) — A Latin American nation that was friendly to Russia. He was hostile to America but friendly to Canada and looks to Mexico as an older brother.
  • Flag of Finland Finland (フィンランド, Finrando) — A neutral nation that was prevented into joining NATO due to Russia's blackmail. He was accused of other nations of being "Finlandized", a term where he was not a communist nation per se, but seems to side with Russia at matters.
  • Flag of Japan Japan (日本, Nippon) — An Asian nation that was worried about China's growing military might, and reluctantly accepted America's request to become an "unsinkable aircraft carrier." He is also occasionally the narrator for the entire series as well.
  • Flag of Mexico Mexico (メキシコ, Mekishiko) — He is often confused with Spain and only his glasses can tell them apart. He is friends with Cuba and often covers for him. His characterization is criticized on one episode while he and Cuba are trying to enter America's territory by digging a hole, suggesting the illegal immigration problem.
  • Flag of North Korea North Korea (北朝鮮, Kita Chōsen) — Resembles the South but with ahoge reversed and with longer hair tied in a braid. He is a reclusive nation that his only friends were China, Mongolia, and Vietnam. The odd thing is that he, along with South Korea and Switzerland, had the same voice actress, and a South Korean citizen at that.
  • Flag of the Philippines Phililippines (フィリピン, Firipin) — Another Southeast Asian nation and often hangs with America a lot and very cheerful. She is another rival of Vietnam due to the Spratly Islands dispute. She was seen fighting with Vietnam and Taiwan and with a pickax and manically laughing. She often wears a maid costume.
  • Flag of South Korea South Korea (韓国, Kankoku) — An energetic nation that tries to woo his brother to re-unify.
  • Flag of Switzerland (Pantone) Switzerland (スイス, Suisu) — A neutral nation that often is consulted by the opposing sides, and his house was often used as a house for negotiations for both America and Russia.
  • Flag of the Republic of China Taiwan (台湾, Taiwan) — A teenage girl, she often regards China as a teacher. She is accused by some fans of being too close to Japan. In the episode concerning the Spratlys, she fought both Vietnam and the Philippines with a cleaver knife.
  • Flag of Vietnam Vietnam (ベトナム, Betonamu) — A Southeast Asian nation that resents both China and Taiwan in their dispute of the Spratly Islands. In the episode with the dispute with the Spratly Islands, Vietnam was seen fighting Taiwan and the Philippines with a paddle.
  • Flag of Serbia and Montenegro Yugoslavia (ユーゴスラビア, Yūgosurabia) — The only European communist state to have been neutral during the Cold War. As of recently he has grown closer to Russia.

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