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Hestoria: World Series (ワールドシリーズ ヘーストリア Wārudoshirīzu Hēsutoria) is a Japanese webcomic, later adapted as a manga and an anime series, by Hidekazu Himaruya (日丸屋秀和 Himaruya Hidekazu). The series presents an allegorical trivialisation of political and historic events in which the various countries are represented by stereotyped anthropomorphic characters. Hestoria (ヘーストリア) is a portmanteau combining hetare (ヘタレ, Japanese for "gutless" or "pathetic") and Ōsutoria (オーストリア, Japanese for Austria.).

The main historical events portrayed in this work occur between the prelude to the War of 1914, and up to the end of the 21st century; however, it would sometimes feature "Chibistoria", chronicling the historical relationship between the Habsburg Monarchy and the Holy Roman Empire. The series itself often uses satire and comedy to reinterpret well-known historical events as well as historical and cultural trivia.


Hestoria: Allied Powers

The original series (Hestoria: Allied Powers) mostly takes place in the 1900s, with the two seasons of the anime chronicling the life of Austria dealing with war against the great powers.

In Season One, Austria-Hungary (usually just called "Austria") becomes stuck in a feud against Serbia and the Balkans as well as Russia. Serbia wanted Austria to give her back her pet, Bosnia. Austria, however, denied. Serbia decides to ask advice from the "tall, dark and powerful" Russia, who had been friends with the Slavs for a while. While he is not sure what to do, he assures her whatever she does, he will support her. Serbia soon falls in love with Russia, and contemplates what to do about Austria.

Austria soon finds his father, Franz Ferdinand, killed with Serbia's novelty knife. He announces hes vengeance on Serbia, but doesn't know what to do. He talks with his friend, Germany, about his options. Germany states that if he attacks Serbia, Russia will become involved to defend her, and France will come to both of their aid, but Germany would have no chance against France and his stealth and fortification, and advises Austria to only send her an ultimatum with demands. Austria does so, but when Serbia only complies to a few of his demands, Austria attacks Serbia.

Russia, outraged by Austria's attacks on Serbia, starts going after Austria's girlfriend, Galicia. Austria begs Germany for help, but as he said, Germany can't help Austria. Italy, also apart of Germany's and Austria's three-way friendship, also does not decide to help. Austria tries desperately to get Galicia back from Russia and to beat Serbia. Serbia asks her long time friend, Montenegro, for backup, and the two start battering Austria. Austria ultimately surrenders, and is forced to give Bosnia back to Serbia. Galicia breaks up with Russia and is given to Poland (Russia's younger brother). Russia becomes romantically involved with Serbia, but soon Montenegro becomes involved...

(to be continued)


Austria and Germany Chibistoria

Holy Roman Empire and Habsburg in season one of Chibistoria

During the later half of several episodes of Hestoria, Chibistoria chronicled the younger lives of Austria as Habsburg and Germany as the Holy Roman Empire. The two had always had fights over who would be friends with other nations, especially young Italy.


  • Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918) Austria-Hungary (later Austria, Roderich Edelstein) - the primary protagonist and the title character, is a bright, energetic and clever young man. In the series, he is at several times depicted as the weakest character in the series, mostly depending on Germany to resolve his issues, but getting into conflict with him after a huge betrayal. After his dramatic transformation, he has a change in heart and tries to improve his ways.
  • Flag of the German Empire Germany (Ludwig) - the hard-working, efficient, bureaucratic, clever and serious character. He is shown several times aiding Austria, giving advice and tips that Austria would rarely use.
  • US flag with 48 stars by Hellerick America (Alfred F. Jones) - a powerful character that in North America. He had always been seen as a "Sleeping Giant" by European powers that had been fairly isolated and had rarely fought. He was despised at one time for causing a great economic blunder but had steadily came back to power. He is now known for his comedic attempts to pick up various women from the Pacific.
  • State Flag of Serbia (1882-1918) Serbia (Snežana Ilić) - one of the main protagonists in the series, shown several times spiting Austria. She is sometimes shown having a romantic relationship with Russia, but is later caught up in infidelity with her, Russia and her friend Montenegro. They ultimately put their romantic relationship aside to stop Austria.
  • Flag of the United Kingdom England (Arthur Kirkland) - a main character, shown shorter than others, but large in power. He is shown to be the boss of many other characters across the world, like Canada, India, etc. He has a bad relationship with France, which has stemmed as far back as their childhood years. England and Austria also have a bad relationship, despite them once being allies.
  • Flag of France France (Francis Bonnefoy) - a main character, who is sometimes shown as aggressive but kind at heart. He is known for his historic takeover of several powerful countries with the help of Napoleon Bonaparte, but after his death was shrunk back to size. He was shown to have been restrengthened when he became involved with his girlfriend Wallonia, causing quite a commotion.
  • Flag of Russia Russia (Ivan Braginski) - a large, intimidating character with a simplistic and easygoing personality, yet has the cruelty of a child deep down. Russia has been shown several times to be in fights with his younger brothers, Finland and Poland. Russia is also in a committed relationship with Serbia, and is caught in the middle between her and Montenegro.
  • Flag of Poland Poland (Feliks Łukasiewicz) is the younger brother of Russia. He, as well as his brother Finland, were in feud with Russia after they became closer to Germany than Russia. Germany and Poland had a very close relationship in the series, despite their differences. Poland had an aggressive relationship with Austria after Poland "stole" Austria's girlfriend, Galicia.
  • Merchant flag of Japan (1870) Japan (Honda Kiku) - a small, powerful nation in east Asia. He is often depicted wearing a white naval uniform throughout the second season. He is shown as a jealous character, wanting more friends to seem more powerful. He had always had a close relationship with America but that was destroyed during the Great War.
  • Flag of the Republic of China (1912-1928) China (Wang Yao) - a large, old major nation in Asia. He is often shown with his cute pet panda whenever he is in need of a friend. He was depicted as being heavily beaten by Japan and Russia during the Great War, having taken several of his family members and friends away. He had always had a close relationship with America and continued to even after the war.

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