Hesse was a landgravate in the HRE. An important change came during 1247-64 in the Hessian-Thuringian War of Succession. Sophie of Brabant (who was supported by the Teutonic Order) made sure that Hesse stayed independent and went to her son Heinrich I "the Child". ITTL he even got a slightly bigger share, at the expense of Thuringia.

During the periods of 1350-1411, 1561-80 and 1658-63, Hesse was divided into Nieder- and Oberhessen.

In 1432, after the death of childless king Zsigmond II of Hungary, the nobles elected Karl von Hessen, younger brother of Otto II, new king Károly III. His reign until 1460 stayed an episode in Hungary, however, since the dynasty ended with his death.

During the Twenty-Year War, the landgravate of Hesse acquired Fulda.

In 1686, uprisings in Württemberg against unpopular duke Karl II begin. The brothers Eberhard and Ludwig (also of his family, the Eberhardiners!) left his state and went to Hesse, to fight against him and France. Very soon, in February, they could prove themselves in the Battle of Schlitz. France's allies in Germany (Nassau, Braunschweig, Württemberg) were prevented from unificating; link up of the Baltic League with the Dutch and Brabant.

Hesse participated in the first two French Republican Wars. 1783, General Boulanger did his famous "Thrust through Germany". He crossed the Rhine, marched through South Hesse and Württemberg, Franconia, Thuringia until arriving in Dresden at christmas. In the Peace of Basel 1784, Hesse became the Chattic Republic, a satellite of France. This took until the German Uprising in 1818, making Hesse a part of united Germany.

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