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As the Nazi Civil War looms, Hess finds himself outgunned by the forces of Himmler, who still commands control of the secret police. Hess decides that there is really only one way to win. He approaches the armed forces, asking them to keep their loyalty to him and to help crush Himmler. This would be the fastest way to restore order to the Reich. He claims that he is the only one qualified to be in charge of the Reich, as he is Hitler's appointed successor.

After some internal debate, and arguing, the armed forces agree to support Hess. Army units are pulled from France and Poland, and roll into Berlin. Himmler's SS divisions fight it out in the city, but the armed forces are too strong, and Himmler is defeated and he surrenders. For treason against the Reich, he is executed by Hess.

With the defeat of Himmler, all real opposition to Hess is removed. Canaris covers his tracks, saying that he was on Hess' side the whole time, by giving Himmler false information. Hess decides to believe him, for now.

Hess has secured the Reich against internal enemies. Now he must deal with his external enemies. Britain stands across the channel, and the Soviets, who were to be on the receiving end of Hitler's treachery are wary. What shall Hess do?

Attempt to get a peace with Britain and then attack the USSR with your full strength.

Focus your strength on Britain until they are defeated, then figure out what to do.

Create a Fortress Europe, which no one will dare attack.

Created by:Azecreth 15:11, February 11, 2011 (UTC)

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