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Hess decides that the war must continue to be fought. Many more men (and women) are drafted, as Germany enters a state of total war. Propaganda encourages many more to simply volunteer. Many millions are in the armed forces by the end of 1942.

The war is long and bloody. Stalemates are frequent on every front. It lasts for most of the decade, until finally, the Soviet Union marches on Berlin in 1949. By the end, nearly seventy million have died, most of them civilian deaths.

The United Kingdom is exhausted by the war and suffered heavy losses. In the early 50's, a communist revolution backed by the Soviet Union overthrew the British government. The United States is shocked by this. The president, Thomas E. Dewey, encourages Congress to try and curb the growing Communist powers. Congress is mixed on this, with many wishing to stay isolationist as they had during the war in Europe. However, others see the Soviet Union's growing influence as a threat to American ideals. Some desire for war.

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