Created in 1567, the Hesperian League is comprised of the major nations of Hesperia.  The member nations work together to defend each other and and the continent, resolve international disputes, and further economic progress for all member countries.

The Treaty of Machu Picchu

As of 1567, all member nations of the Hesperian League form an economic and military alliance.  The nations shall come to each others' aid in the event of any foreign invasion on the continent; they are not obligated to assist in military campaigns on other continents.

All individuals living within a nation of the League must be afforded the same right to work, the right to property, the right to not be enslaved, right to choose a religion, and the right to a fair trial as according to that nation's laws.

Individual nations within the League must create economic treaties with each other.

Protectorates,vassals, or colonies may join either as individual entities or representatives of their protecting nation.

The nations of the League may also work with each other on projects of any variety.

This treaty may be modified if all member nations agree on a proposed amendment. 

A unanimous vote by member nations, aside from the one in question, can remove a nation from the League.

New nations can be added by a unanimous vote of member nations.


Vorlayacor: IhaveSonar (talk) 20:42, July 18, 2014 (UTC)

Empire of Hispania:

~Protectorates under approval by Spain:
~​Colonies of Spain:
  • Morelia:
  • Chile:
  • New Spain
  • Mapuche:

Inca Amendment Proposal, 1569

The Inca propose the following amendment and attentions to the proposal.

Amendments to the existing Clauses

  • New Nations can be added with a majority ruling rather than a unanimous vote
  • New clauses and amendments can be added with a Majority ruling rather than a unanimous vote

New clauses

  • Colonies should be filed under their parent nation instead of as separate entities

Discussion & Voting

I agree with all of these in regard to their general principles.  However, I say that a majority ruling should be 2/3s.  While that won't be relevant for quite some time, I'd rather not see any major war start because one more nation voted for it than voted against it.  IhaveSonar (talk) 18:43, July 20, 2014 (UTC)

I would much rather we have this hesperian league as just Hesperia aside from cour, since he's involved by proy through my empire. That way we don't have more Borealian states begging to join when they shouldn't be The Wings of Freedom #FP Wings of freedom 2 (Talk to Me)

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