• Sometime in 1963: At David Ferrie's apartment, where Lee Harvey Oswald (introduced as "Leon Oswald"), David Ferrie and "Clem Bertrand" (who is Clay Shaw) talk about killing President Kennedy. The conversation included plans for the "triangulation of crossfire" and alibis for the participants, the Mastermind is Carlos Marcello.
  • April 10, 1963: Two men of the plot fire a shot at General Edwin Walker and escape.
  • Judyth Vary Baker and Oswald meet and became involved on the clandestine side of the research project. Both have unhappy marriages and are attracted to each other. She and Oswald begin working together: they are both hired May 10, 1963, at Reily's Coffee Company, which provided cover jobs for them.

Assassination attempt

  • November 22 1963: Oswald phones Judyth saying he would do what he could to try to get the mission aborted, and that he had others who were going to help him to abort the assassination. He leaves his wedding ring and money at home, he knew that this time, he would die trying to stop the attempt and he may have felt that he and Marina had reached irreconcilable differences and that his marriage may well have been over. All three shooters (Jim Braden in the Dal-Tex building, Malcolm Wallace in the Texas School Book Depository and Lucien Sarti on the grassy knoll) get ready when Jerry Belknap collapses at 100 N Houston near the TSDB. He collapsed due to an “Epileptic Seizure”. This was planned in order to distract people around the building and to allow the assassins to plan the attack unseen. Carolyn Arnold sees Lee Harvey Oswald eating lunch on his own in the second floor lunchroom, Oswald getting worried because of no response from his handler and what he said to his girlfriend Judyth Vary Baker that he will save Kennedy finally comes to his senses and goes up to the sixth-floor where he encounters Bonnie Ray Williams, the TSDB employee eating his lunch. They hear noises and catch Wallace and two other men, the Depository is alerted and while the assassins are taken below, Oswald remains on the sixth-floor and to his horror hears the motorcade approaching, Oswald, watching from the sixth-floor window of the Texas School Book Depository, sees Lucien Sarti behind the grassy knoll near the bridge overpass, the other men next to him is Ferrie himself. Oswald manages to race down the Depository's stairs as the Presidential Motorcade rounded the corner towards Dealey Plaza. He ran out onto the street in front of the policemen and the motorcade, alerting them to the oncoming danger. Not long after, frantic shots rang out from the Dal-Tex building and knoll, however, Kennedy and his wife are already pushed to the floor of the car by Secret Service members and unharmed. Ferrie looks on in shock as Oswald saves Kennedy from being shot. In a rage, he grabs the rifle from the shooter and aims at Oswald, he fires but Oswald is knocked down by Bonnie Ray Williams who takes the shot instead, the bullet piercing his skull. The noise of the shot draws the attention of the Secret Service and police, who fire at the picket fence killing Ferrie and Sarti. When the motorcade arrived at Parkland Hospital, the President was rushed into emergency surgery but it was discovered he was unhurt, there was no permanent harm done. He would joke with the doctors around him, claiming “Would you all have helped me if the Vice-President had been shot?” It was not until later that he learned about the plot against him.
    Bonnie Ray Williams dies shortly after being sent to Parkland Hospital, his death would haunt Oswald for years, often wondering “what is the value of my life compared to his? Would he not do the same as I if given the chance?” Jim Braden is caught feeling out of the Dal-Tex building and arrested. While Oswald was initially arrested on suspicion of involvement in the assassination plot, he was soon let go when he revealed everything about the assassination plot, Clay Shaw and Carlos Marcello are arrested. Oswald would later personally receive the Congressional Gold Medal by Kennedy himself.
  • November 23: Kennedy addressed the nation. He opened by reassuring the country that “I remain in good physical shape. I was not hit, and I will not require any time off before resuming the duties required of me as President. In fact, I have already spoken to the members of my Administration, and have assured them that I will not be taking a vacation.” After making it clear that he was both physically and mentally prepared to return to work, the President changed to a far more serious tone: “Those that wish to overthrow this government; this democratically elected government, will not succeed. The strength of our Republic is in its people, and in your resolve to keep this nation free. I can promise you that whoever is behind this attack will be identified, and they will be punished accordingly.” Finally, Kennedy wrapped his speech with a powerful commemoration to Oswald: “I want to take a moment to thank the man responsible for saving my life. Mr. Oswald served this nation proudly for years. He was entrusted to protect me and my wife, and when the time came, Mr. Oswald remained calm and did his duty. He saved my life, I have talked to his family; have expressed the deepest thanks a man can. Lee Oswald is an American hero, and I will never forget him. He will also be given the highest honor possible.”
  • November 24: Club owner Jack Ruby admits to Lee that if the assassination had succeeded, he would have killed Lee to stop from going to trial, Ruby attempts to kill himself but Oswald clams him down forgiving him. Ruby throws a celebratory bash at his club, The Carousel, for Lee Harvey Oswald - due to his successful efforts in saving the life of President John F. Kennedy from an attempted assassination in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, two days before. Speaking to The Dallas Morning News, Oswald who says he knew Ruby for many years clearly did not know what to make of his new-found celebrity status, "I'm very flattered of the party Mr. Ruby is throwing.. but I don't know what my wife Marina would make of me being around all these strippers".

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