This is a timeline in which the Western Roman Empire manages to survive its downfall by a slim difference with our timeline. On April 6, Easter Sunday, in the year 402 AD the Visigoth Army of Alaric was besieging the city of Hasta, where Emperor Honorius of Rome was trapped with a military convoy. However, the Arian Christian Visigoths stopped to celebrate the holiday, which is the Roman General Stilicho launched an attack on their forces. In this climactic battle the forces of Alaric were decisively defeated, and Alaric's wife and children were captured, while Alaric himself attempted to escape. However, forces of Emperor Honorius' convoy managed to stop him and halt his retreat, leading to the Visigoth general's death. With Alaric dead the Visigoth Army disintegrated and the Romans celebrated a great victory. However, despite this victory, honored by a march in Rome for Stilicho, the Romans stil had to face a far greater threat to the north. It was from the ashes of this war that Stilicho would see Rome rebuild, and from there that Rome would rise again as a great empire.

The Battle of Pollentia


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