Herbert Hoover was born on August 10, 1874. He is best known for being the President of the United States from 1929-1936. He accomplished many things, such as keeping the economy at norm during the Great Depression of 1929, crushing the Himmler Revolution, and purchasing Vancouver from Canada in the Vancouver Purchase. He was assassinated on July 4, 1936, at a parade in Albany, New York.

Early Life

Hoover was born in Iowa in 1874. He was a corn farmer until 1891, when he moved to California, attended Stanford University, and in 1895 graduated with a B.S. degree in geology.

In 1896 Hoover attempted to run for Congress in California. He failed, being defeated by 700 votes. He moved to South America in 1898 to study rocks and returned to the United States in 1906 with a Brazilian wife.

Political Career

In 1906, he moved back to Iowa. He became the mayor of Des Moines in 1908, and reigned until 1914.

During the Great War, Hoover was appointed by Woodrow Wilson to be the Secretary of Wartime Finances, despite him being a Republican and Wilson a Democrat. He created war bonds and helped finance most of the war, and made sure the United States did not go into debt.

When the war ended in 1916 he ran for Senator in Iowa. He won with 62% of the popular vote. In the Senate he preached women's suffrage and lower taxes. He was reelected in 1922.

1928 Elections

In the Election of 1928 Hoover decided to give running for president a shot. He received a majority of his party's nomination, and was on his way to becoming the president. He won the election.

First Term

During his first term, crisis such as the Depression of 1929 arose. He handled this very well, and gained over 65% of the nation's approval.

In 1931 a group of destitute veterans marched on Washington. Their protest soon turned violent as they besieged Washington, and the president called the National Guard. However, the Guard went too far and killed up to 2,000 of these protestors. Hoover's approval dropped to 43%.

In 1932 Hoover handled the Himmler Revolution to most Americans approval. He crushed the rebels and gained the support of German-American voters, and won a second term.

Second Term

He won a second term easily, and in 1934, he purchased Vancouver from Canada for $800 million, in the Vancouver Purchase, setting up many fortresses.

In 1936 while his approval rating soared above 70%, he toured New York, but was shot by an unknown assassin in Albany. The assassin is commonly perceived to be a former Himmler Revolutionary.

(Edit: I'm 99% sure he didn't serve two terms...)


He died on July 4, 1936.

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