Herbert solow

Governor Herbert Solow

Herbert Franklin "Herb" Solow
(born December 14, 1930) is an American Democrat Party politician, and former Hollywood producer, who served as Governor of California between 1995 and 2003.

One of Solow's main goals as governor was the fight against discrimination in Hollywood, endured during the Second Red Scare of the late-1990s. He often negiotiated with major studios and guilds against the "blacklisting" of leftist artists, and publicly defended many of the prosecuted persons.

Solow also championed civil rights, and initiated a large education reform in California, as well as speaking against the death penalty, and strictening gun control. Some conservative critics dubbed the state as "the last resort of liberalism" and Solow as "the black sheep" during the Bush-era.

In 2001, actor/director Mel Gibson, apparently drunk, said during a party, that the first duty of every Californian should be to "get rid of that Jew", referring to Solow. It caused a media scandal, and Gibson later had to publicly apologize.

In 2003, another Democrat, Cruz Bustamante succeeded Solow as governor.

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