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The Heraclian Calendar was a system adopted by Heraclius after the Islamization of the Byzantine Empire. Finding the Julian calendar satisfactory, Heraclius set Muhammed's Hijra as Year 1 and with zodiac symbols as determining years. Each month corresponds with a zodiac symbol. The system is more accurate than the Julian calendar in use in Christian countries and, as a result, it is the main calendar in use.


The months are taken from the Attic Calendar. They are the following:

  1. Hekatombaion - Εκατομβαιών
  2. Metageitnion - Μεταγειτνιών
  3. Boedromion - Βοηδρομιών
  4. Pyanepsion - lΠυανεψιών
  5. Maimakterion - Μαιμακτηριών
  6. Poseideon - Ποσειδεών
  7. Gamelion - Γαμηλιών
  8. Anthesterion - Ανθεστηριών
  9. Elaphebolion - Ελαφηβολιών
  10. Mounichion - Μουνιχιώ
  11. Thargelion - Θαργηλιών
  12. Skirophorion - Σκιροφοριών

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