Seal of South Carolina
Henry Williams is a retired American army Colonel and current head of the American Nationalist party. He is a Vietnam, Korea, and World War II combat veteran. He volunteered for World War II military service at the age of 15. He won the medial of honor in wwii. After the war he was accepted into West point and graduated at the top of his class. He was deployed in Korea and Vietnam achieving the rank of Major General. He quit the army and was demoted after a disagreement with his superiors about his no nonsense tactics (i.e Genocide, Carpet Bombing). After leaving the Army he established the Nationalist party and its paramilitary group the, greenshirts.

Political Views

  • Believes in a New Deal type program to revitalize America.
  • Pro War on povery.
  • Is a staunch anti-commmunist.
  • Believes in a Greater United States.
  • Pro-Immigration, strict regulations, and strict nationalization.
  • Extremely pro Military expansion.
  • Pro Gun Control.
  • Pro Authoritarian crackdown on crime.

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