Henry V of the Triple Monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal was born in 1572 as the son of Henry IV and his wife, a Castillian noblewoman. He was one of the most gifted Plantagenet kings. In 1606 he was accepted as king of Ireland, after the death of king Alexander V of Scotland; in 1599, he agreed with the French king François III to divide the crown of Aragon; and 1615, he was elected Polish king too, albeit for a short time.

In 1605, he wanted to find the way to China and India by going west and thus sponsored an expedition of four ships starting from the Atlantean west coast. However, the journeys are struck by an extreme case of bad luck, since none of them returned.

Henry V died in 1620, to be succeeded by his son Henry VI.

Predecessor: Henry V Plantagenet (Chaos) Successor:
Henry IV Henry V

King of England

Henry VI
Alexander II Henry I

King of Ireland

Henry II
Enrique V Enrique VI

King of Castille

Enrique VII
Henrique II Henrique III

King of Portugal

Henrique IV
Ludwik Henryk V

King of Poland


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