Henry VI
Henry VI Luxem (The Kalmar Union).png
Henry VI
Count of Luxembourg and Arlon
Reign 24 December, 1281 - 5 June, 1288
Predecessor Henry V
Successor Henry VII
Spouse Beatrice d'Avesnes
Issue Henry VII

Baldwin, Archbishop-Elector of Trier

House Luxembourg-Limburg
Father Henry V
Mother Margaret of Bar
Born c. 1240
Died 5 June, 1288
Worringen, Cologne

Henry VI was the Count of Luxembourg from the death of his father, Henry V, in 1281 to his own death at the Battle of Worringen in 1288.


The future Henry VI was born sometime in 1240, most likely inside the County of Luxembourg, but can not be validated.

Not much is known about his reign prior to his joining of the War of the Limburg Succession on the side of Reginald I of Guelders and Archbishop Siegfried in of Cologne. He would fight in that war until 1288 when, during the Battle of Worringen, he was killed in battle along with three of his brothers, possibly by a Brabantian knight.

After his death, he would be succeeded by his son, Henry VII, who would see the Luxembourg realm taken to new heights.


Henry VI married Beatrice d'Avesnes around 1260 and had three sons:

  • Baldwin, later Archbishop-Elector of Trier
  • Henry VII, who would become King of the Romans in 1308, and elevated to Holy Roman Emperor in 1309.
  • Walram

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