King Henry VI of England was born in 1600 as the son of Henry V and his wife. He came quite early in his life to power, in 1620, now reigning one of the mightiest states in the world, the Triple Monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal. During the 1620s, the formerly good relations between the Triple Monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal and France cooled down dangerously, which also was the fault of the two new monarchs, Henry VI and François IV respectively.

The year when his fate was sealed was 1628: The Castillians and Portuguese started rebelling against Henry, who proved unable to defeat them. (One of the moments was that his marriage with a Castillian duchess went awry; she told her relatives, they told their friends...).

When the Triple Monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal broke apart in the Old World, most of the colonies declared their loyalty to Spain (former Castille, right). Only a few islands in the Caribbean and the northern colonies in OTL Canada and New England stayed loyal to king Henry.

During 1628-34, the Castillian Civil War took place. France supported uprisings in Valencia (Aragon south of Ebro river) and Portugal. Despite of all the chaos and the many factions, the new king Alfonso XII (former duke of Aliaga) managed to defeat all enemies, keep himself on the throne and also subdue the Aragonese rebels in Valencia. Morocco, however, stayed independent, under the former duke of Monteleon.

Portugal officially declared its independence (also with French encouraging) under Miguel, former duke of Linhares. He even managed to acquire Olivenca from Spain.

Henry tried to regain his kingdoms, overestimating the support he had left there. In 1630, the army of the Cortes defeated the English army landed at Santander. The war extended soon into Atlantis; 1631, the Sea battle of Jamaica happened. The Castillians occupied all the English colonies in the Caribbean. England fell into a financial crisis. This was too much for the English. In 1633, Uprisings against king Henry started there. The First English Civil War (ECW) had begun.

As soon as 1634, King Henry was captured and banned to Atlantis (i.e. he was put onto a ship which captain was told he had a prisoner to be released in Atlantis. Like the nobles used to joke, this was the worst imaginable punishment for the king, who had banned that many religious dissenters there.) However, since the king had no heir, the nobles weren't in unison about what to do. They started to fight among each other; the common people dubbed the war, after the leaders of the most important groups, the Staffords and the Cliffords, "War of the 'fords".

The former king Henry VI, last of the Plantagenets, disappeared in Atlantis, and in the following decades, many men would appear (in England, Atlantis and other places) claiming to be king Henry. Only much later it was found out with scientific methods that he had managed to survive until 1665.

Predecessor: Henry VI Plantagenet (Chaos) Successor:
Henry V Henry VI

King of England

Humphrey I
Henry I Henry II

King of Ireland

Enrique VI Enrique VII

King of Castille

Alfonso XII
Henrique III Henrique IV

King of Portugal


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