220px-King Henry VII
Henry VII (1457-1501) was the King of Scots from being elected in 1488 to being executed in 1501 during the English Civil War.

War of the Roses

When forming his alliance with the opposition to the House of York and the King, he was made primary military commander for the House of Lancaster and the head of the House of Tudor, He began the final battle when his lover, Elizabeth of York, was heard to be married; he was eventually defeated by King Richard III. Instead of beheading Henry, Richard sent him into exile into the employment of King James III, king of Scots, as his Secretary of State.

Rise to Power

During Rebellion of Sauchieburn, Both the King and his son, Prince James IV, were both killed in the final battle of the war of England, both James's other sons were both considered to be too young by the King's council, they had also already been grant titles by the law of the council, as both a key figure of foreign duty, he was the only liable choice, he managed to be elected by a large number of governors, he was officially King of a country and which he long sought. He then placed his own administration, was reunited to Richard III and reconciled with him during the Treaty of Calais, which he accomplished with trade.


Arthur Tudor(1486-1520)

Margaret Tudor(1489-1530)

Henry VIII of Tudor(1491-1548)

Elizabeth Tudor(1492-1501)

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