Henry John Spalding (born December 1, 1954) is the current pretender to the throne of Scotland and is a human rights activist and English financier. The son of Robert V of Scotland, Spalding was born as the Crown Prince but at age 14 became the Royal Steward of Scotland in February of 1969 for eight days after his father was forced to abdicate by the Scottish military. On the ninth day of his stewardship, the military declared the Scottish Compact void, abolishing the monarchy in practice. The Spaldings had their citizenship revoked in 1971 as part of a scuttled deal between the military and left-wing militias to cease the fighting and Henry and his deposed family fled to London, and in 1973 they were barred from returning to Scotland. Once in his 20's, Spalding became a vocal critic of the Connery regime in Scotland, along with his father and two younger brothers, and worked to support anti-Connery groups within the country. In 1999, for the first time in 30 years, he returned legally to Scotland as a guest of the Peter Haig government, although he elected to keep his English citizenship and residence. Spalding, like his father and brothers, is a strong supporter of the Conservative Party and its Scottish cousin party, the Democrats.

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