Henry Arnold "Hank" Richardson (born October 15, 1947) is a retired American Democratic politician who served as Senator for Oregon from 1993 until he retired, choosing not to contest the 2010 election. Richardson is best known for serving as former Ohio Governor John Tanner's running mate in the 2000 election, which they lost in a  landslide to incumbent President Steve Martin. Richardson was regarded as a staunch liberal who balanced out the ticket of the moderate Tanner. After his election loss, Richardson moved to the center and became a key negotiator between the Democrats and Nationalists in later years. He contested Senate leadership after Bruce Springsteen left Congress in late 2004, but was overwhelmingly defeated by then-Senate Majority Whip Olyn Michaels (D-Dakota). Richardson chose not to seek election to a fourth term in 2010, and was replaced by state Attorney General Ben Ford. Prior to the Senate, Richardson was a U.S. Representative for Oregon's 1st District from 1987-1993 and served as part of the Washington County Council from 1980-1987.

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