Henry I of Europe
Timeline: Tudor Rose

Emperor of Europe, Archon of Western Europe
28 March 1673 - 30 January, 1683 (as Emperor of Britannia and Iberia and King of France and Italy), 30 January, 1683 - 30 April, 1695

Predecessor Edward VII
Successor Henry XI of the English, Scots and Irish (As King of the English, Scots and Irish),

George I of France (as King of France),

Phillip III of Iberia (as Emperor of Iberia)

Born 20 April 1649
Tudor Palace, London
Died 18 August 1702

Henry I of Europe (Henry X of Britannia, IV of France, I of Iberia and Italy before 1683) was the first, final and only Emperor of Europe, the Final Emperor of Britannia and the last Tudor Monarch of Iberia. Henry would bring about the pinnacle of Tudor power upon his declaration of the European Empire, intended to fully replace all existing European realms and bring all of Europe under Tudor power. Henry would prove to be a strategical genius, both on and off the battlefield, resulting in the Conquest of all of Central and Southern Europe, with considerable amounts of Eastern and some of Northern Europe falling to him as well, alongside his initial realms. His reign marked the end of all of his realm's existences due to their assimilation into his new Empire (though all would later reform after his Empire's fall) and also marked the end of other major realms such as the Holy Roman Empire. His reign, however, ultimately would come to a tragic end with a series of crushing defeats costing him all of his gains and, eventually, all of his original realms, forcing him to abdicate. After his fall from power, his captor, Constantine XII of the restored Eastern Roman Empire, kept the humiliated Henry as a slave and source of entertainment for his court for several years after Henry's abdication and despite pleas from other nations for his release, Henry would remain in Constantine's custody for the Rest of his life. In 1702, with numerous health problems due to poor living conditions, Henry nearly died of a mere cold. Constantine, not wanting Henry to die anyway but by execution, had Henry publicly drowned two days after his recovery, having his body burned and thrown into a pit somewhere outside of Adrianople

After Henry's reign, the Tudor Dynasty, already disgraced and reduced to a status lesser than its Pre-Henry VIII state, would lose virtually all of its remaining power outside of England in a matter of years.