Henry I, King of Burgundy (1100 - 1152) was a Burgundian nobleman who became the King of an independent Burgundy after overthrowing the Danish absentee lords, making him a national hero to modern-day Burgundians. In 1134, shortly after having become Prince of Lyons, Henry leveraged the influential Cardinal of Lyons into legitimising his claim to the Burgundian throne, positing that it was God's will that only a native of Burgundy sit upon the throne in Dijon. He defeated Danish forces at the Battle of ____ in 1137, thus precipitating the breakup of the Johannine Empire. Henry I spent the next decade and a half defending Burgundy from absorption into the Frankish realm to its east and exhibiting Burgundian dominance over Savoy, which his successors would eventually incorporate into their state. Henry I is best remembered for seceding from the Johannine state and establishing Burgundy as a Western European power.

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