Henry I & IX
King of Spain (from 1598)
King of England (from 1585)
Henry I of Spain
Portrait of Henry I & IX by an unknown artist.
Reign 1585 - ???
Full name Henry IX von Habsburg
Spanish Henrique I de Habsburgo
Titles King of Portugal (from 1598)
Duke of Milan (from 1598)
King of Naples (from 1598)
Sovereign of the Netherlands (from 1598)
King of Sardinia (from 1598)
King of Sicily (from 1598)
Born April 14, 1555(1555-04-14)
Birthplace Palace of Placentia, Greenwich
Predecessor Philip II and Mary I
Consort Elisabeth of Austria
Royal House Habsburg
Father King Philip II of Spain
Mother Queen Mary I of England
Religious beliefs Roman Catholicism