Henry IX of England and Ireland
Timeline: Tudor Line

King of England and Ireland
12 July 1542 - 29 February 1573

Predecessor: Henry VIII
Successor: Arthur I

Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall
15 December 1514 - 12 July 1542

Predecessor: Henry VIII
Successor: Arthur I
Born: 15 December 1514
Greenwich Palace, London
Died: 29 February 1573
Greenwich Palace, London
Queen: Princess Maria of Portugal
 Henry IX of England was born sometime in December 1514 to Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon as an older brother of Princess Mary. He was raised as a warrior king and, in fact, went to help his aunt Margaret to Scotland. But this made him craven and he turned to intrigue instead. He married Princess Maria of Portugal, only child of John III. Later he was blamed for killing a newborn Prince John of Portugal who would inherit the kingdom. In 1543 when the marriage took place he was already the king. He didn't bother to do any battles and the borders simply remained in the same place. Later, however, Lutherans used the English ships to escape to America. In 1555 John III died and his brother Louis I succeeded him, angry that his wife not becoming queen, he started going around Europe asking people to support Maria's claim to Portugal. Nobody wanted to help. When Maria died in 1571, he brought Arthur up believing he should be king, this eventually caused trouble as Arthur went to war over it. In 1573 he died with most of Europeans happy that this freak was dead.


He and Maria were rather distant and only had two children:

  • King Arthur I of England (1544 - 1576)
  • King Edward VI of England (1545 - 1602)
  • Princess Catherine of England (1545 - 1546)

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