Henry IV Plantagenet of the Triple Monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal was born in 1539 as the son of Edward VI and his wife, a Castillian noblewoman. He was a quite gifted Plantagenet king.

Early in his reign, he declared the second Occidental-Seljuk War, acquiring the Marches, Algiers, Tunis and Sicily 1565 in the Peace of Ostia.

1560, he reordered his kingdoms. The two halves of Portugal were reunited under him as king; the traditional division of the colonies (Portugal in Africa except Morocco, Castille in Morocco and the Caribbean, England in North Atlantis) was changed a bit: English merchants of the Atlantean Company got the islands of Jamaica and later All Saints (OTL Trinidad) for sugar plantages.

He had South Atlantis explored, where he founded the colonies of Braseal and Argentine.

Henry IV died in 1582, to be succeeded by his son Henry V.

Predecessor: Henry IV Plantagenet (Chaos) Successor:
Edward VI Henry IV

King of England

Henry V
Eduardo II Enrique V

King of Castille

Enrique VI
Duarte II Henrique II

King of Portugal

Henrique III

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