Henry II (the Great)
King Henry III of the United States (King of America).jpg
Portrait of Henry II (circa 1892)
King of the United States
Reign August 17, 1866 - January 6, 1896
Coronation January 19, 1868
Predecessor Edward I
Successor Henry III
President(s) Abraham Lincoln
Horatio Seymour
George H. Pendleton
Samuel J. Tilden
John Sherman
Chester A. Arthur
Thomas F. Bayard
Grover Cleveland
Spouse Queen Natalia of Manhattan
Issue Princess Dorothy of Ohio

Frederick, Prince of the Northeast
Henry III Princess Lisa

Full name
Henry Augustus Charles Edward
House Hohenzollern-Amerika
Father Edward I
Mother Queen Gabrielle of New Orleans
Born February 27, 1830
Hamilton Estate, Asheville, North Carolina
Died January 6, 1896
White Palace, Washington D.C.

Burial January 31, 1896
Royal Cemetery, White Palace

Henry II was the King of the United States from 1866 to 1896, during the second half of the First American War and through the Second American War, when he was nearly forced to abdicate.

Early Life


Prince Henry waited a long time before choosing a bride. Keeping with his father's tradition in not marrying foreign princesses, Henry married Natalia Strauss, the daughter of wealthy New York banker, in the spring of 1864. The Strauss family was soon made dukes of Manhattan, the borough the family hailed from.