Henry II of Navarre
Timeline: Tudor line

Henri d'Albret
Portrait of Henry II of Navarre

King of Navarre
12 February 1517 - 29 January 1562

Predecessor Catherine I de jure

John III de jure uxoris

Successor Charles V
Born 18 April 1503
Sangüesa, Kingdom of Navarre
Died 29 January 1562
Hagetmau, Kingdom of Navarre
Queen Catherine of Portugal
 Henry II of Navarre was born in 1503 in Spain. In 1512, he together with his parents John III and Catherine I of Navarre, escaped to the northern part of their kingdom, when Fedrinand II of Aragon conquered the spanish part of the Kingdom of Navarre. After several re-conquest attempts made by John and Catherine, the two died in 1516 and 1517 respectively. Henry was only 14, but Francis I proved an ally and warned Queen Joanna I not to attack the rest of Navarre. Trying several reconquests himself, the resigned Treaty of London in 1523 stopped the attempts. Trying to find a bride, John III of Portugal offered him his niece Catherine and Henry accepted. Henry was fluent in french and spanish and had some reformational sympathies for the Lutheran church.


He and Catherine of Portugal had five children:

  • Prince Gaston of Navarre (1539 - 1539) 
  • King Charles V of Navarre (1540 - 1608)
  • Princess Eleanora (1542 - 1542)
  • Queen Isabella of Portugal (1543 - 1581), married Edward II of Portugal
  • Prince John (1547 - 1548)