Henry III
King Henry III (King of America).jpg
Photograph of Henry III (circa 1912)
King of the United States
Reign January 6, 1896 - September 5, 1913
Coronation March 10, 1897
Predecessor Henry II
Successor Henry IV
President Grover Cleveland
William McKinley
William Jennings Bryan
Nelson W. Aldrich
William Jennings Bryan
John W. Kern
Theodore Roosevelt
Spouse Mary Stuarts
Issue Henry IV
Princess Lisa of Illinois 

Prince Edward, Duke of Vermont

Full name
Edward Augustus Henry William
House Hohenzollern-Amerika
Father Henry II
Mother Louise of Argyll
Born December 1, 1870
Liberty Manor, Washington D.C.
Died September 5, 1913 (aged 43)
Central Palace, Washington, D.C.
Burial October 11, 1913

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