Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. (July 5, 1902 – February 27, 1985), sometimes referred to as Henry Cabot Lodge II, was a Liberal American politician who served as the 36th President of the United States from 1961-1969. Prior to his election to the presidency, Lodge served as Vice President under Earl Warren (1953-1961) as well as a United States Senator from Massachusetts (1937-1944; 1947-1953).

Accidental Assassination Attempt

During his tenure as President, he would visit Confederate President Lyndon B. Johnson's ranch in 1963 for an international summit on civil rights. President Lodge would then partake in a parade through Dallas, Texas with President Johnson and Texas Governor John Connally. During the parade, shots would ring out targeting the motorcade that was carrying Presidents Lodge and Johnson and Governor Connally. President Lodge would be struck in the shoulder while Governor Connally would be shot in the hand. The U.S. President would escape with his life and would eventually be evacuated back to the United States. An investigation would be conducted and found the perpetrator was former communist Lee Harvey Oswald. Eventually questioning would reveal that the intended target for assassination was suppose to be President Johnson.

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