The Church of Henoch, or Henochism is a controversial religion organized in the 1960s by former US Marine Corps pilot, Ernest C. Brace. While Henochism currently has hundreds of thousands followers in western countries, it is often described as a cult, and had several well-known controversies surrounding it.

Brace was court martialed and fired from the Marines after he deserted a plane during the Korean War. Afterwards, he began to travel, and study occultism and many forms of religion, which the official Henochist sources claim to be "the time of awakening". In 1964, Brace claimed that he discovered the true origins of the Human species, and the reality behind the Christian theories of God, Noah and Jesus, which were kept in secret since ancient times. Brace began to call himself The Prophet Henoch, and held teachings of his beliefs. By 1969, the Church of Henoch got officially organized, and claimed to have many members in the US.

Currently Henochism is banned in several European countries, including France, West Germany and Belgium. Also, several groups are protesting for it's ban in the United States.

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