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Helvetic Republic
Official Language: -
Foundation: 1798
Capital: Lucerne
Form of government: Republic


The Helvetic Republic was created out of the swiss confederation following the intervention of French troops sent to liberate the peasants of what was largely a feudal society.


The central government is composed of a two-chamber legislature which included the Grand Council (with 8 members per canton) and the Senate (4 members per canton). The executive, known as the Directory, comprised 7 members.


unlike most of its sister republics, Helvetia is a loose federation divided into largely autonomous cantons.

The cantons are:

  • Aargau
  • Baden
  • Basel
  • Bellinzona
  • Bern
  • Fribourg
  • Fricktal
  • Léman
  • Linth
  • Lugano
  • Lucerne
  • Oberland
  • Raetia
  • Säntis
  • Schaffhausen
  • Solothurn
  • Thurgau
  • Waldstätten
  • Valais
  • Zürich

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