Previous - 1939-Soviet Invasion of Poland (CYOAH)

President Franklin D. Roosevelt-1941

President Roosevelt signs the act giving aid to Germany

Roosevelt decides that the USSR is the greater threat, but he can't declare war until something happens to warrant the violation of the Neutrality Laws. He urges Congress to send aid to Germany, totaling nearly $500 million in the first shipment. Stalin is furious, and orders his submarines to make sure none of it reaches Germany. The German navy sorties to try to stop the Soviet navy, and are able to sink some submarines, but are seriously mauled in return. When the American convoy reaches mid-Atlantic, a Soviet sub fires, and explodes a ship full of fuel, which sets several other ships on fire, and kills forty-seven American's total. Congress is outraged, and agrees to declare war on April 3, 1940. The navy destroyers escorting the convoy receive the message, and fire upon the Soviet subs tailing, forcing them to dive.

Stalin is told of America's declaration of war, and finally decides to crush Germany, and secure Europe before American forces could arrive. Operation "Hammer" is implemented on April 17. The Red Army is on the offensive, and rolls on to capture Germany. East Prussia is taken over in ten days, and Berlin in reached on Day 17. The Government flees, and travels to Hamburg, but Day 31 after the start of Operation "Hammer", the government flees to the US. Germany is announced secure on June 2, and last resistance ends three days later.

But now, the US is at war with the USSR, and Europe is occupied, minus Great Britain. What does the US do now?

Attack the Reds!

Get the British to join us

It's not our fight any more.

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