— Subdivision of Vinland
Timeline: Vikings in the New World

OTL equivalent: Southern region of Baffin Island
Helluland Flag
Flag of Helluland
(and largest city)
Other cities Kalleburg
  others Inuit
  others Norse, Inuit
Demonym Hellulander
Population 1,822,101 
Established 1016
Admission 1442

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As an Island

Helluland is an island in the far north of Vinland. It was one of the first places in Erikson to be colonized by the Vikings, and today is divided up into two provinces. The island of Helluland itself is a cold, flat land made mostly out of snow and cold stone.

The two biggest cities on the island, Helldal and Kalleburg, are both majorly underground due to the harsh winter storms. There are other small towns scattered about the bottom of Helluland, but most of them are unpopulated.

Division and States

In 1442, after the Vinlanders began to divide up their territory into definitive states, decided to divide Helluland into two provinces. These territories eventually became the states of Helluland and Nord Helluland. Helluland is significantly more populated than Nord Helluland, with more than five times it's population.

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