A little boy was looking at the stars one night when he noticed a little blue spark in the sky. He ignored it and carried on looking somewhere else. Little did he know that that little blue spark would be an alien race coming in.

On the 3rd December 2015 an Alien ship arrived over the skies of America. At 09:59 PM the aliens destroyed all the ships connecting Manhattan Island from the mainland was destroyed. At 10:00 PM (American time) the Alien ship landed in Central Park, New York. The people around the park was amazed by the massive ship which could only barely fit in the park. The people at the park at the time was crushed cruelly. What emerged from the ship was a creature which looked quite like humans, but only more developed.

The people around the park went to greet this strange creatures, saying the first words 'Hello?'. The aliens seemed confused about what this meant and said some strange giberish words which the people around couldn't understand. 

One man decided to kill one of the aliens by gunshot, but it didn't kill him and the alien easily killed the human. After this hundreds, maybe even a thousand aliens came out of the ship and began slaughtering and killing innocent people. Then man kind knew that these aliens weren't friendly, but they wanted to go to war with us.

When the first sighting of the ship over New York the American president decided to send 100,000 men to destroy this machine and to keep it from spreading the truth about aliens. However, by the time they arrived, the aliens had conquered all of Manhattan Island, killing most people. About 1.5 million people was killed with the 100,000 people (civilians) who was left tried to escape the island for safety but many drowned or never was seen again.

The 100,000 army men was useless in their attempt of driving them out of Manhattan Island. Nearly all of them were killed. The rest of the night the 1,000 aliens stayed on camp with many explorations to come the next day.


Week 1 

3rd December (the first part is what I said in the intro)

09:59 (New York time): Fox News: BREAKING NEWS: An alien ship was seen over the skies of New York. Many are amazed on this sight.

09:59: Fox News: BREAKING NEWS: All bridges connecting Manhattan island from the mainland is destroyed by the alien ship.

10:00: Fox News: BREAKING NEWS: The alien ship lands in Central Park, covering almost all of the park and crushing whoever is at the park at that time. People outside the park rush to the ship to get a closer view.

10:02: Barack Obama meets with his top generals about the sighting.

10:04: Barack Obama and his generals agree to destroy the aliens with 100,000 American troops. They send them immediately.

10:04: Fox News: BREAKING NEWS: An alien has came out of their ship, many people rush to stare at the alien. People say the famous words of 'Hello?' but the Alien didn't reply just to say gibberish. More aliens come after the alien says them words.

10:05: Fox News: BREAKING NEWS: One man tried to assassinate one of the aliens but the shot doesn't affect him. The alien then kills this man. After that the shocked people around the aliens run for their lives. They now know that these aliens aren't friendly, but are evil.

10:06: Fox News: BREAKING NEWS: About 1000 aliens March out of the ship and begin slaughtering and killing innocent people. They easily conquer parts of the island.

10:06: Barack Obama is rushed to a secret place with his wife and children.

10:10: Many people in New York evacuate their homes and decide to go anywhere. This makes huge traffic jams on the motorways.

10:22: Barack Obama arrives at the secret place.

10:24: Fox News: BREAKING NEWS: Barack Obama addresses the nation about the aliens. Many Americans are shocked and begin to move out of their towns because they're scared of the aliens nuking it. Peoples lives will never be the same.

10:30: Fox News: The aliens has killed about 1.5 million with the rest trying to escape the Island. Most of them drown in the water while others mange to escape. The aliens had conquered Manhattan island.

10:30: BREAKING NEWS: 100,000 American troops arrive at New York to destroy the aliens, they begin the Battle of Manhattan.

10:49: BREAKING NEWS: American troops are defeated in the Battle of Manhattan and most are either killed or taken prisoner. They kill all the prisoners.

10:50: The aliens decide to rest for the night. The Nuclear Defence systems operate.

10:50: With news of the loss Barack Obama has no choice but to send ten nuclear bombs to Manhattan Island to kill the aliens.

10:51: The Nuclear Defence system diverts the nuclear bombs to major cities around the world which is: London, Moscow, Beijing, Paris, Berlin, Washington DC, Sydney, New Delhi, Shanghai and Los Angeles.

10:53: World Wide News: BREAKING NEWS: Major cities around the world are nuked. The casualties of these attacks are 70 million, more than WW2. Many people are shocked about this. French, Indian, British, Russian, American and Chinese leaders.

11:00: World Wide News: BREAKING NEWS: French, Indian, British, Russian, Chinese and American leaders agree that fighting these aliens should be their top priority. They agree to send 90 nuclear weapons to destroy the aliens at Manhattan. They also agree that collaboratively they can attack the aliens in a hour with the force of a million troops.

11:01: The Nuclear Defence operating system diverts the 90 nuclear bombs and sends it to the 90 most populated cities in the world.

11:03: World Wide News: BREAKING NEWS: About 900 million people are killed in these attacks. The people in the other cities flee to the countryside with the fear of the aliens nuking their cities.

11:04: World Wide News: After an hour of the aliens coming out of the ships about one-seventh of the Human population has been killed and they haven't done much yet. Who knows what they're planning to do with the Earth. Will the Humans win or will be wiped out in this deadly war that is coming?

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