Hellenic republic
Ελληνική Δημοκρατία
Timeline: Never-ending colonization

OTL equivalent: Greece and Turkey
Grieklandvlag Coat of arms of Greece
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Hellas

Ελευθερία ή Θάνατος (Greek)
("Freedom or death")

Anthem "Yμνος εἰς τὴν Ἐλευθερίαν"
(and largest city)
Language Greek
Currency Drachma
The Hellenic Republic is a country located in the eastern Mediterranean sea. It's an important country in Europia. It has a great economy and is a place of philosophers and thinkers.

It is also called the new Byzantine empire or Greece.


During the Greek war of independence, Greece goes one step farther and invades Turkey up to Istanbul. They rename the city Constantinople. After the Turks try to hold them back for a year, they sign a treaty of peace.

Recent history:

  • 2008- Greece is renamed to Hellas in English and Dutch
  • 2010- Turkish rebels blow up several government buildings.

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