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Timeline: Great Nuclear War

لا إله إلا الله، محمد رسول الله "Lā ʾilāha ʾillāl–lāh, Muhammadun rasūl allāh" (Arabic)

(and largest city)
Language Arabic
Religion Islam
Ethnic Group Arab
Legislature Monarchy under military dictatorship
Sultan of Hejaz


When the bombs fell,Major cities of Saudi Arabia were hit, excluding Mecca and Jedhaad due to this many people thought the Saudi government was over and riots happen across the Western coastline for a mad dash for supplies. Due to this street factions were made across the Western Coastline but one faction that was known as the Sons of Hejaz, The group gained support of the people after ousting the last factions in Jedhaad. The faction then began to case after the factions running away, after The Great Case Hejaz gained more popularity among the people. In 1963 the group made their way into Mecca and made it their capital.

The Night of Long Swords

On 1964 one year after taking the city of Mecca a power struggle happen among the original members of the Hejaz after the death of Dawud Kareem Abdur-Rashid (to radiation) . A power struggle was then made when Mufaddal Mus'ad Yusef (the 2nd in command) was found dead in his home, the report said it was a homicide. The last 3 original members (that have power) then went into hiding, then on July 4 Abd al-Wali Tayeb Baqir (the leader of the militarist faction of Hejaz) then order a meeting in Jedhaad, where all 3 members came (including Wali Taybeb) the meeting started at 7 PM and at 10 PM 4 masked men rush into the room with swords killing Husni Hisham Haytham, and Murtada Abu Rashed after this a offical report came out saying the mask men were bandits that were planing to attempt a coup, but the real story and word on the street is the Wali Tayeb ordered the killings. (MORE WILL BE ADDED)

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