Heinrich VIII of the Luxemburger dynasty was born in 1426 as the son of Karl I of Tyrol and his wife. Being very abled, he soon supported his father with the government work, and was elected Roman king in 1472. A year later, his father died; west Tyrol went to his brother Karl II of Tyrol, he inherited East Tyrol.

But in 1475, he would start a development that would end in a catastrophy: When he secularized and annexed the bistums of Augsburg and Trient for the lands of his family, the HRE fell into a kind of Civil War. All the princes tried to annex the clerical lands now, which lead to lots of confusion and little wars for said lands, which are subsumed as the Twenty-Year War. The most important of those wars are the Bavarian-Austrian War for Salzburg (1485-93) and the French-Dutch War (1486-91). For some time, there were three kings in the Empire: Reinald II of Geldern (1476-92), Otto of Brandenburg (1478-1495; although he was deposed and died in 1500) and Karl of Luxemburg 1481-95, who would try to restore order after Heinrich died in 1481.

And to make the situation even worse, there were peasant uprisings and millenialist sects declaring the Gottesfreistaat.

Predecessor: Heinrich VIII Luxemburger (Chaos) Successor:
Reinald I Heinrich VIII

Roman king of the HRE

Karl V
Karl I Heinrich III

Count of Tyrol

Karl III

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