Heim ins Reich or "Back home in the Empire" was a resettlement movement which began after the Iron Curtain began to fall across Eastern Europe, to bring ethnic Germans back to Germany. Once the monarchy had resettled back in Berlin, as part of the reconstruction efforts, Kaiser Georg I, Prime Minister Churchill, and President Harrison agreed to a population transfer program, the German portion of which was colloquially titled "Heim ins Reich." This was agreed to in part due to the Soviet presence spreading in Eastern Europe after the war, and also the fear of reprisals from former Axis allied nations. The German Settlement Commission handled the population transfer of Germans from outside the country into their new homes.

In total, the population of Germans from a number of countries in Europe were transferred into Germany proper:

Heim ins Reich 1946–1948
Territory of origin Number of resettled State of resettlement
Poland 661,000 South Prussia
Latvia 61,500 New East Prussia
Estonia 20,7000 New East Prussia
Lithuania 54,000 New East Prussia
Romania 691,000 South Prussia
Hungary 351,000 New East Prussia
Bulgaria 2,150 Moravia
Vojvodina 350,000 New East Prussia
USSR 90,000 New East Prussia
Yugoslavia 182,000 Styria

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