In 1914, WW1 broke out. The Central Powers vs The Entente. Blood was splilled and about 9 million died and it left one nation most accused for the bloodshed, Germany. But what if the Germans won, would we bow down to Berlin? Would we speak German instead of english? Who would dominate the world? This timeline explores that in a (hopefully) exciting way. 

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Just like in OTL, Franz Ferdinand is shot dead by Serbian Gavirolio Princip in Bosnia causing Austria-Hungary to force and ultimatum to Serbia while Russia supported the Serbians and threatened to declare war. This coincided with Germany offering aid to the incompetent Austria-Hungary. Germany invades Belgium to attack France while Austria-Hungary battles with the Russians and Serbians. The U.K. joins the war and it's officially the Great War. 

The war quickly falls into a stalemate and the Battle of Marne starts, Germany finally captures the Marne and continues its advance in 1914 but is eventually stopped and Trench Warfare is used. The Russian Military invades Austria-Hungary and conquer large parts of the north of the Empire. In 1915 the Austrian-Hungarian military captures Belgrade. The British try to fund the Arab revolt and capture a large part of the Middle East. The Gallipoli invasion succeeds and the British March to Instanbul but are forced to retreat when the Ottoman defenses she'll the weakened army. 

In 1916, Germany wins the Battle of Verdun and continue their advance. Meanwhile the Irish revolts start and are funded by Germany, weakening the British on both sides.    

In 1917 the treaty of Brest-Livoct is signed and Russia exists the war, meanwhile Germany sends the Zimmerline telegraph to Mexico and Mexico joins the war. While capturing most of the areas near the border, the USA armies soon beat the Mexicans at the Battle Of Nevada and the war falls into a stalemate.   

Italy, seeing more of a potential with the Central Powers joins the war while Germany launches a massive offensive on France. The U.K. and France finally surrender.   


Wilhelm III at the Paris Peace Confrence

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