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Heil Deutschland! is an alternate World War 2 Scenario Saying Nazi Germany Won the war

In 1929 The German Revolution started, it was against the Nazis and The Weimar Republic's government. By 1933 West Germany was Captured by the Nazis. The Weimar then turned into the German State due to Nazis having most of the Land. Later in the year The Nazis invaded Dresden and Leipzig. There were many Rebel Uprisings in Nazi Territory, But in 1934, The German State Surrendered.

In 1934, Germany Was Driven into Chaos, East Germans killed Nazis in public and the economy was very weak. But then Adolf Hitler, a Nazi Austrian became leader. He saved the economy and imprisoned aggressive East Germans. But he also made most Nazi men become soldiers, because he didn't want the Nazis to collapse like the German State.

In 1936, Hitler asked Luxembourg for Military Acess. He then moved his troops into the country, but Germany and Austria signed a deal saying "For the Nazis of Germany and Austria, We shall attack Luxembourg from the South and East." A few days later, the Austrians Arrived at Luxembourg. They then besieged Luxembourg City. The Nazis had won the battle. France and Britain then declared war on Germany.

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