Heidi Montag

September 15 1986, Beskette, Colorado


Heidi Maye Montag

Nationality: American
Political party: None


Children: None
Alma mater: None
Occupation: Singer, Model
Religion: Christian

Heidi Montag is an American singer, model and actress. After rising to fame by winning the American Beauty talent show she released her first album My Dream. Known almost as well for her conservative religious and political beliefs as her music career.

Early Life

Heidi was born on September 15 1986 in Beskette, Colorado. Her parents both ran a small diner in the centre of the town. Heidi was educated at the Beskette High School but in 2006 her life took an unexpected turn.

American Beauty

She auditioned for the talent show American Beauty, and was accepted into the Colorado state finals. She then won the state finals and made it, as the Colorado candidate, into the nationwide reality/ talent show of American Beauty.

After 12 weeks of competing she won the competition and the prizes of $250,000, A photo shoot with Eagles magazine and an album. The album, released in October 2007 and called My Dream immediately shot to number one and made her an overnight sensation.

Music Career


Performing at the 2008 Republican National Convention

She released several singles through the spring of 2008, all making it onto the charts.

She then disappeared from the music industry to concentrate on modelling. It was not until August that she resurfaced, singing her new single, Rising like an Eagle at the Republican national convention, as well as singing the national anthem.

In 2010 she released her second album, Superficial, which immediately shot to number one in 15 countries, and stayed there for four weeks.

In January 2011 she released a third album blue fire, but released it as a series of music videos.

Modelling Career

She first began modelling during the making of American Beauty and following her victory in the competition she began appearing in magazines raging from Playboy to Time (the latter of which she also had a colum to write for).

Plastic Surgeries

Montag did have a rhinoplasty as part of the American Beauty show in 2007, and in 2008 she had breast implants fitted.

In late 2009, however, she had 25 surgeries over the course of 5 days, almost a world record. They included larger breast implants, breast lift, nose job revision, cheek implants, butt implants, liposuction, eye lift, brow lift, chin reshaping, lip augmentation, ear pinning, breast lift and a mini facelift. She justified the procedures of being "An upgrade" and begged other young girls to "upgrade yourselves, just be your best".


Montag revealed during her appearance at the 2008 Republican Convention that she had voted democratic in 1996 but was not really interested in politics. But, she then stated she had voted Republican in 2000, and in 2004 she registered as a Republican.

Montag appeared in a series of Republican campaign videos for the 2008 presidential campaign, and put on a special concert in September, with all the proceeds going to Sarah Palin's campaign.

On May 5th 2012 Montag officially endorsed Palin for reelection in November.

Personal Life

Montag is not married, however she has been engaged to footballer Gene Retzmann and had a 3 year (2006 - 2009) relationship with actor Ryan Mountie.

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