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Simeon II of Bulgaria

Tsar Simeon II of the Bulgarians, the longest-serving head of state in Europe right now

This is a list of the heads of state in Europe.

Andorra: King Louis XX & II of France and Spain and Archbishop Joan Enric Vives i Sicília, Bishop of Urgell, Co-Princes of Andorra

Austria: Emperor Charles II (also King of Hungary)

Belgium: King Albert II

Bulgaria: Tsar Simeon II

Church State: Pope Benedict XVI

Denmark: King Ingolf I (also King of Norway)

France: King Louis XX (also King of Spain)

Germany: Emperor Fredrick William V

Greece: King Constantine II

Great Britain and Ireland: Queen Elizabeth II (also Queen of Malta)

Hungary: King Charles V (also Emperor of Austria)

Italy: King Victor Emanuel IV

Liechtenstein: Prince John-Adam II

Luxembourg: Grand Duke John

Malta: Queen Elizabeth II (also Queen of Great Britain and Ireland)

Monaco: Prince Albert II

Netherlands: Queen Beatrix

Norway: King Ingolf I (also King of Denmark)

Ottoman Empire: Sultan and Caliph Bayezid III

Poland: King Nicholas III (also Emperor of Russia)


Romania: King Paul I Philip

Russia: Emperor Nicholas III (also King of Poland)

San Marino: Gabriele Gatti and Matteo Fiorini (Captains Regent)

Spain: King Louis II (also King of France)

Sweden: King Charles XIII Gustavus

Switzerland: Federal Chancellor Corina Casanova

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