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Hazleton University

The university was founded as a branch campus to Penn State Main Campus during the Great Depression to aid in education. The main issue was high costs and it was to give more students opportunity to get an education. It was one of 14 other universities that Pennsylvania had opened throughout the years. Many students would begin there and transfer to the main campus. It did offer a variety of majors, though, and many remained on campus to complete their degrees.

On Doomsday, the institution was overrun by refugees and students dispersed to aid them. Similar to Bloomsburg University, many students fled to find their families and escape the general situation. Since education was lower on the list of necessities after the war, it remained closed and was used as refugee housing. But in 2007, Greater Hazleton reopened the campus as Hazleton University to aid in education. Today it is part of the Susquehanna higher education system. There are talks of consolidating the university with Bloomsburg University to reduce costs.

Colleges and Majors

  • College of Business
    • Business (Two year Associates, Four year Bachelors, Six year Masters)
    • Business Administration (Two year Associates, Four year Bachelors)
  • College of Engineering and Science
    • Biology (Applied, Three years Bachelors, transfer to BU to earn teaching certification)
    • Chemistry (Two year Associates or Four year Bachelors)
    • Electrical Engineering (Four year Bachelors)
    • Electrical Engineer Technician (Two year Associates and Certification)
    • Mechanical Engineering (Four year Bachelors or Five year Masters)
    • Mechanical Engineer Technician (Two year Associates and Certification)
    • Physics (Applied, Three year Bachelors transfer to BU to earn teaching certification)
  • College of Healthcare
    • Biology (Pre-med, Four year Bachelors)
    • Psychology (Two year Associates or Four year Masters)

Students, Faculty, and Facilities

There are 584 students, all of which live on campus. The college has two dormitories, and one apartment complex. Each dormitory houses 250 students, and the apartments can house 150.

There are 91 full time staff and 78 part time staff. Also on campus are 17 security guards.


Hazleton supports several collegiate and intramural sports.

The mascot is the Hazleton State Coal Miner. The teams are part of the Susquehanna Interscholastic Athletic Association.

Collegiate Level:

  • Baseball (Men's)
  • Basketball (Men's)
  • Basketball (Women's)
  • Cross Country (Men's)
  • Cross Country (Women's)
  • Football (Men's)
  • Lacrosse (Women's)
  • Track and Field (Men's)
  • Track and Field (Women's)
  • Softball (Women's)


  • Flag Football
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball

Although not part of the sports program, Hazleton University continues to host a local version of THON. It was restarted in 2010 and has changed its goal to raising money for Geisinger to increase research and be able to aid more people.

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