Hazel Blears
48th Prime Minister of Great Britain
In office:

August 19, 2004 - May 5th 2006

September 17, 2006 - May 6th 2010

October 14th 2011 -

Preceded by: Hilary Benn/Kenneth Clarke/Liam Fox
Succeded by: Kenneth Clarke/William Hague
Deputy Prime Minister of Great Britain
In office:

June 4th 2002 - August 19th 2004

Preceded by: William Hague
Succeded by:
Leader of the Socialist Party
In office:

August 19th 2004 -

Preceded by: Hilary Benn
Succeded by: Incumbent

MP for Worcester City

In office:

May 2nd, 1993 -

Preceded by: Unknown
Succeded by: Incumbent
Born: May 14 1956 (age 55)

Salford, Manchester

Birth name: Hazel Victoria Blears
Nationality: British
Political party: Socialist
Spouse: Victor Blears
Children: None
Alma mater: University of Worcester
Occupation: Politician
Religion: None

Hazel was born in 1956 in Manchester, her father was a member of the socialist party and had fought with them in the civil war, her mother was a schoolteacher. Hazel got a schollarship and was able to study history and law at worcester university (1975 - 1978). She remained at the university after her study time and became a junior lecturer (1978 - 1984) in 1984 she was able to go on a round the world tour (1984 - 1985).

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