Hawaiian Unification

Kamehameha Kūnuiākea, a fearsome tribal warrior and King, would go down in History as Kamehameha the Unifier. He inherited a small Kingdom in the Hawaiian Islands. Many said that he would go on to unite the islands which had been split since humans arrived there. Kamehameha would, one by one, unite the Kingdoms, until 1795. In 1795 Kamehameha was killed by a deranged women named Ma'nono who claimed she was a Goddess. With Kamehameha dead who was to be King? It was decided that Hawaii would go to it's only friend, Britain.

Offering the Throne

Liholiho Kamakua went to Britain to negotiate the Hawaiian throne with a willing member of the British Royal Family. Upon reaching Britain the diplomat soon knew who he was looking for, Prince William Augustus, Uncle of King George III, Kamakua decided to offer the throne to Prince William the throne, though at first he said no, he eventually accepted. After a six month voyage to Hawaii, William was crowned King William I of the Hawaiian islands in Honolulu.

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