Hawaii Five-6 is an upcoming American television series and second-generation remake of the original 1968-1982 series that starred Jack Lord. When an attempt is made on the life of Hawaii's governor, Danny Williams (James MacArthur) - former second in command of the original Five-6 unit under Steve McGarrett and commander following McGarrett's retirement in 1982, up through Five-6's disbandment in 1984 - he orders the unit reactivated to catch the assassins and curb the state's escalating crime rate. To head the unit, he brings in former FBI Special Agent Ben Johnson (Billy Burke) of the San Lucas field office before reaching out to McGarrett's estranged son Michael (Edward Furlong), now a rookie detective with the Honolulu PD, and eventually rounding out the team with a streetwise ex-cop named Evan Cho (Daniel Dae Kim). Another original Five-6 member, the now aging Chin Ho Kelly (Kam Fong) returns to help guide the new team as an official advisor. The pilot episode first aired on March 14, 1997, while a 16 episode 'trial' season is set to air on CBS starting October 10.

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