Territory of Hawai'i
Part of Republic of Cascadia
Capital Honolulu
Governor Benjamin Jerome Cayetano
Annexation by Cascadia 1895
Currency Cascadian Dollar
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Roots of the Crisis

In 1895, Cascadia annexed the Kingdom of Hawai'i and forced its government to surrender. The former nation of Hawai'i became a district. By this move, it lost all its local government. However, many Hawai'ians revolted, but they were crushed in 1913. Later, the Hawai'i Union was formed, dedicated to reviving the lost monarchy. Since 1992 Hawai'i is a territory with its own elected governor.

1st Hawai'i Crisis, 1992

In July 1992, the Hawai'i Union revolted peacefully, first leading protests, which led to a breakdown on the movement by the Cascadian Police. Both sides met in Cascadia in November 1992 and led to both sides agreeing on the formation of a "Territory of Hawai'i" that would function with an elected governor (In Cascadian districts on the mainland, there is no local government).

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