The Republic of Hawaii
Timeline: Vietnam Victory
Hawaii Flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Ohana (Family) (English, Hawaiian)

(and largest city)
English, Hawaiian
  others None
President Daniel Inouye
Vice President Daniel Akaka
Area 28,337 km²
Population 1,211,537 
Independence from United States of America
  declared August 6, 1975
  recognized August 6, 1975
Currency Dollar (not U.S. Dollar)

Hawaii is a defunct nation that gained independence from the United States of America on August 6th, 1975, following a nationalist movement and a backing by the United Nations. Following economy problems stemming from being a small nation, Hawaii joined Japan on February 14, 1978, and were recognized as part of Japan by the United States on February 19, 1978. The capital was Hilo from August 6, 1975 to February 3, 1976.

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