Flag Hawaii (VegWorld)
Official languages Hawaiian, Japanese, Chinese, Tagalog, English
(English is lingua-franca)
Capital Honolulu
Largest Cities Honolulu: 141,000
Population 307,000
HDI 0.932 (Very High)
Establishment of Republic 1959
Currency Hawaiian Dollar (HWD)
Our Timeline Equivalent State of Hawaii, Midway Islands

Hawaii is an extremely diverse nation in Pacific Oceania. Once a protectorate of Great Britain, in 1959, it became an independent republic. The islands, settled by waves of Pacific Islanders first, and then Europeans, Japanese, Chinese, and Luzonese and others later, is a popular tourist destination, especially with Japanese.



77% Vegetarian
23% Non-Vegetarian


59% Nonreligious
31% Atheist
18% Agnostic
25% Buddhist
07% Cathar
06% Christian
02% Hindu
01% others

Ethnic Groups

22% European
20% Hawaiian
20% multiple race
15% Japanese
11% Chinese
07% Luzonese
03% other Orientals
02% others


60% English
15% Hawaiian
10% Japanese
09% Chinese languages
04% Luzonese
02% others

Note: English is widely spoken as a second language and lingua franca. The Hawaiian language is a mandatory course in school from grades 6-12 in non-Hawaiian language schools, and another official language is a mandatory course for the same grades in Hawaiian language schools.

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