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The government is a provisional democratic republic, with a governor, a Senate, and a House of Representatives. The Commonwealth of Oceania backs the nation of Hawaii, providing the government with money, and supplies.




  • 6,500 Active Personnel
  • 4,500 Reserve Personnel


  • 4,000 Active Personnel
  • 3,500 Reserve Personnel
  • Main Weapons:
    • Main Battle Rifle:
      • M-16 (250)
      • M-14 (3,500)
    • Main Machine Gun:
      • M2 Browning (12)
      • M1919 (32)
  • Armored Vehicles:
    • M113 APC (5)


  • 800 Active Personnel
  • 1,000 Reserve Personnel
  • Corvettes:
    • 4: Bathurst-class

Air Force

  • 200 Active Personnel
  • Fighter Jets:
    • 12: F-5 Freedom Fighters

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