Previous Killer Escapes to the Country (CYOAH)

However, you know that you can't rest for long. Heinrich Himmler is now in charge of the Nazi Party, and though he doesn't have the charisma Hitler had, he is still gaining strength. However, you have learned your lesson with killing Hitler: don't do it in a public place, and another method is needed than poisoning it.

You decide that it would be best to arrange an "accident". You quietly slip away from Dresden and travel to Hamburg, where you have heard he is going to be campaigning for the election. You visit a well known Jewish business man, and an old friend, who agrees to help you. He says he will do it because the Nazis are too much of a threat, and to repay you for saving his life years ago. Two days later, the newspapers say that Heinrich Himmler, the proclaimed leader of the Nazi Party, died in an automobile accident outside of Hamburg after he was leaving. Apparently, his car crashed into a wandering cow, and Himmler was thrown from the vehicle and killed as he hit the ground. Within days the Nazi Party is torn into yet another succession struggle, but this time resulting in the complete fracturing and destruction of the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

Now that the Nazis are of no threat, the Weimar Republic manages to survive. After the Great Depression hit, a Social Democrat comes to power, and replicates US President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, which proves even more successful than in America. However, Britain and France failed to achieve anything resembling prosperity. Political bickering and disunity, followed by a nationwide strike in France which soon turns in to a Communist revolt, and the highly contested 1935 election in the UK, won by Oswald Mosley's Fascist Union, soon fractured the Allies.

Now you have been pardoned of your crimes, as evidence is found that says that Hitler died of food poisoning (thanks to your Jewish friend), and you were elected Chancellor of Germany in 1935. Germany is strong and prosperous, but what about Britain and France? What should you do?

Created by Tbguy1992 23:07, February 15, 2011 (UTC)

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