Harry Wainwright

Portrait of Harry Wainwright

Prime Minister of England
May 30, 1929-May 24, 1932

Predecessor TBD
Successor TBD

Leader of the Social Democratic Party

Predecessor TBD
Successor TBD

Deputy Leader of the Social Democratic Party

Predecessor TBD
Successor TBD

MP for Leeds South West

Successor Philip Marlowe
Born January 6, 1874
Died January 27, 1964
Spouse Nancy Wainwright
Political Party Social Democratic Party
Profession Trade Unionist, Politician

Henry Alfred Ian "Harry" Wainwright (January 6, 1874 - January 27, 1964) was an English politician who served as the first Social Democrat Prime Minister of England from 1929 until 1932. He also served as Leader of the Social Democratic Party from 1918 until 1933.

Wainwright led the SDP to victory in the 1929 general election. The global crash of 1929 hit England badly, leading to the beginnings of the Great Depression in England. The government was overwhelmed by the scale of the crisis, and had to put on hold attempts at greater social reform in order to deal with it.

The Social Democrats were defeated in a landslide at the 1932 general election, and Wainwright retired as party leader a year later. He remained a prominent elder statesman within the SDP until his death in 1964.

Early Life

Harry Wainwright was born on January 6, 1874 in Burnley, Lancashire.

Early Political Career

Wainwright first ran for parliament in 1918

Leader of the SDP


On May 30th 1929 Wainwright became England's first Social Democrat Prime Minister.

Early Reforms


At the election the Social Democrats suffered their worst defeat in their history, losing over 3/4 of their seats.

Later Life

Wainright retired as SDP Leader in 1933, returning to the backbenches.